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To contact and transfer donations for help finance the defense

If you wish to support my defense in Bnei Baruch’s legal battle against me in order to silence me – through money, additional information on Bnei Baruch or any other way, or if you wish to share your stories, you are welcome to contact me.

This case is not just my personal case. This is a fight over the citizen’s right to complain. A citizen has the right to approach the authorities. This is a fight against the attempts of powerful, organized and rich organizations to intimidate and silence citizens over an act as simple as turning to the authorities.

I have decided not to be silenced, not to capitulate, and not to give in. This decision involves an investment of significant resources of varying kinds, as well as a lot of money. Your support will not only allow me to continue my battle, but will also show me that I am not alone and that we, the citizens, will not be intimidated.

I established this blog in order to raise money and support for my legal battle, which I see as part of a larger battle against “silencing lawsuits,” a growing phenomenon in Israeli society. Precisely because of Bnei Baruch’s attempt to silence me I chose to make this battle public. Please join me through your support.

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