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Letter of complaint to authorities which was the cause of the lawsuit

Wednesday, 12/26/12


Mrs. Dalit Stauber  

CEO of The Ministry of Education


Re: “Ligdol Bekeif” (fun growing up)– problematic material approved as curriculum for elementary school

Lately it was brought to my attention that the program “integral education” of the organization “Ligdol BeKeif” (fun growing up) has been included as part of the curriculum of the “Rimonim” elementary school in Tiv’on and per the approval of the PSGA (Center for development of advanced teaching methods ).

I am convinced that the authorizations were given innocently, with the firm belief in the positive content that the program presents. Nevertheless, I feel it is my civil duty to update the decision makers regarding the organization that is behind “Ligdol BeKeif”. This information will most certainly change the official position towards the program.

Even a superficial internet investigation requiring only a limited number of mouse clicks uncovers the fact that the key people behind “Ligdol BeKeif” are the very same people of an organization called “HaKabalah La’Am” or “Bnei Baruch”, or as of recent, “The Arvut Organization”. The multiplicity of names is not accidental and it is typical of organizations with cultish characteristics.

Lately a comprehensive investigation concerning “HaKabalah La’Am” that is headed by Michael Leitman was published in Haaretz newspaper; and in the past the television show “Uvda” investigated the organization as well. Both of these investigations join many other reports that were accumulated on the topic, and shed light over the cultish characteristic of the organization, that pretends to be an organization dedicated to the “teaching and distribution of Kabalah wisdom”, while in fact its hidden agenda is to gain control over its adherents and to accumulate power.

Similarly to other cults, “HaKabalah La’Am” leads its followers into to a life of dependency and enslavement.  It is a clear hierarchical system that produces a black and white way of thinking of “Us vs them”.. Us – the members of the cult, the knowledgeable, the people of the “good”; and them – the world in general, that lives without the knowledge of how to control their evil inclinations. This division allows “Us” – the members of the cult – to lie to the outside world, and not reveal the true objectives of the organization, that are primarily missionary.


Furthermore, the rift between “us” and “them” leads to the disconnection of the cult members from their birth families. It is well known that such disconnect is essential for cult leaders, in order to create a new identity for their followers; an identity that can be controlled at will by the cult leader.


The day-to-day life of the “HaKabalah La’Am” members is completely dictated by the cult leader and his close circle. For example, the members are forced to participate in classes taught by Leitman nightly in the midde of the night.  Constant sleep deprivation is a known method of cult leaders used in order to control their people.

It is obvious that many funds are funneled from the followers into the organization, and its leaders. Indeed, “Hakabalah La’Am” is a powerful and rich organization that also operates its own TV channel – channel 66, where it spreads its theology.

Unfortunately, I, the undersigned, know the influence of “Hakabalah La’Am” on its members all too well. I am the father of an adult son, who has been a member of the cult for several years, and a grandfather of grandchildren that were born into the world of the cult, and force fed its theology from birth. I have watched my son go through a gradual process that went from listening to few classes to total servitude. I have seen him changing his way of life, failing at his academic studies, and changing jobs and professions often. I have witnessed these  changes to his personality, beliefs, and values, but I was unable to help or influence him in any way.

Now, that I have heard about the penetration of the cult to the official governmental education system, I feel  obligated to warn, raise the alarm, remove the smiley mask of “Ligdol BeKeif” (Mutual Support, love, Consideration, Integral Education) and reveal the true face behind it. “Hakabalah La’Am” is a cult. Established, organized and rich. Contrary to small cults, that recruit their people by “word of mouth” the recruitment of “Hakabalah La’Am” is methodological and planned. Similarly to Scientology (and perhaps by its influence) the “Kabalah La’Am” sends long tentacles into the education system, while at the basis of this action stands the assumption that the road to the hearts, souls and pocketbooks of the parents – runs through their children.

As a society we cannot, and should not cooperate with the goals of this organization. We should not assist the cult in paving its way into the mainstream of our children’s education.

I am confident that now, after I have presented you with the tip of the iceberg of this topic you will do whatever is required in order to remove “Ligdol BeKeif” from the approved curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

I will be happy to assist and provide further information as needed.


Thanking  you in advance for your assistance

Aaron  Applebaum



The following documents are attached hereby:

  1. How cults work: http://www.howcultswork.com
  2. The Haaretz Newspaper article: http://www.haaretz.co.il/magazine/1.1807417
  3. The charter of Leitman’s Kabalah La’Am organization
  4. A document from the “daily sheet” of the “Kabalah La’Am” organization that indicates the connection with the “Ligdol BeKeif” organization.


Gideon Sa’ar Minister of Education

Orna Simhon – Northern District Director of the Ministry of Education

Yair Odem – The Department of Education manager in Tivon

Yossi Shitrit – the principal of ‘Rimonim’ School

Hana Shadmi – Director of Shaf”y

Rachel Lichtenstein – the director of the Center for Cult Victims

Efrat Sharabi –  Ministry of Social Affairs and supervisor over cults



The daily sheet of “Kabalah La’Am” 09.03.2010

Section from the daily Kabalah Lesson 

from the daily Kabalah Lesson

Questions for Clarifications: https://kabbalahgroup.info/internet/he

An Invitation to a lecture of Rabbi Michael Leitman in Hadera

The “Kabalah La’Am” home is happy to invite you to the lecture of the Rabbi Dr. Michael Leitman this Sunday (date 09.05.10)

In the program:

18:00 – 18:30 – Assembly

18:30 – 18:45 – Preparation for members meeting

18:45 – 19:30 – Members meeting

19:30 – 20:30 – The Rabbi Lecture

20:30 – 20:45 – Light refreshments

20:45 – 21:15 – Show: Moti Mor and the members band HMNZP”H

Entrance fee: 20 NIS space is limited – please register in advance

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The Education of the Last Generation is Underway

Education of the Last Generation – Participation in distribution through the center “Ligdol BeKeif” (growing up fun)

 If we educate even a small tiny percentage of one generation  they will go and take it further to the next generation. And then, the generations will not go downhill but rather uphill”. (Rabbi Dr. Michael Leitman, from New York Congress, lesson 4, 2009)

“Ligdol BeKeif” (fun growing up) is currently the first and only place of its kind in the world whose goal is to implement  into general education, teaching methods in accordance to the wisdom of the Kabalah. Children from 1st to 6th grades come to “Ligdol BeKeif” from the afternoon until evening, every day. At “Ligdol BeKeif” children enjoy content that is taught through the Kabalah method, play games, and partake in many enjoyable activities. The instructors of “Ligdol BeKeif” are specifically trained for this job. We invite you to join us at “Ligdol BeKeif” to assist in disseminating the wisdom of the Kabalah in order for all of us to teach and implement the Kabalah method worldwide.